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    Depending on the engineering school you attended, you certainly learned the principles of engineering, though in many cases they were analytical rather than synthesis. So you graduated and found that you didn’t know how to do design. Furthermore, as one engineer complained to me, “Nobody told me that I would have to supervise anyone when I became an engineer. I have no idea how to do that.”

    The other area that is often neglected is how to be more creative and innovative. There is a pervasive idea that you are either born creative or you’re not, and if you’re not, that’s the end of the discussion. You can’t learn to be more creative.

    This is absolute nonsense, and I have been proving it for 40 years.

    The other idea is that creativity is for artists and musicians, but not for technical people. This is also a misunderstanding of how the mind works. Engineers engaged in design work absolutely must think creatively and the skills can be taught. See, for example, our course titled Stimulating Creativity and Innovation.

    We have a full suite of courses on project management. You can take one or all. We offer a certificate in project management and will soon offer one in creativity and innovation.

    Among our client companies have been many of the Fortune 500. What makes our certificate courses different than the usual online courses is that you get practical, skill-building, narrated lessons, and assignments to drive home what you learn. Each assignment is reviewed by an instructor and you will receive feedback, usually within 48 hours. Most online learning leaves you on your own. And here's the proof of the value of our programs: 99 percent complete them. Most online courses have a completion rate of only about 16 percent, because they are not engaging, nor do they deliver skills you can use to enhance your career or life experience.

    If you want to take your career and your life to the next level and establish yourself as a professional manager, or just develop yourself personally, then you’ve come to the right place. And if you have any doubts about it, arrange a free phone interview. A member of our staff will be glad to answer your questions. Why? Because we love helping our clients avoid all the hassles we experienced in our own careers. 


    To arrange a phone interview go to my calendar.


Site announcements

Download Our Free Creativity App

by Jim Lewis -

PowerThink is a creative problem solving app that we developed, available in iOS and Android formats at your app stores.

Now pay through PayPal or STRIPE

by Jim Lewis -

I'm pleased to announce that you can pay for your course using PayPal or STRIPE. PayPal offers you credit terms or paying using your credit card, while STRIPE accepts credit cards from around the world. Should you need to pay in installments, please let us know as we can arrange this.

New One-Day Live Online Short Courses

by Jim Lewis -

We are offering a series of short courses in November through February 2023. For a complete listing please click the following link: COURSES

Painless Project Management on SALE!

by Jim Lewis -

This is the best project management course you will find for under $100. It covers the essentials you need to manage small projects, including how to plan, schedule, and control a project. The four lessons are designed to take about 2 hours each and ideally should be spread over a week at a time. We suggest you immediately apply what you learn to real projects to enhance your comprehension of the material. And we are here to help if you get stuck Just message us and we will reply within 24 hours.

And you can print your certificate when you complete the course.